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  1. Spike trading had a bunch of guys trading futures using the pitchforks a couple of years ago, and Tim Morge was tied into it somehow. Not sure if any were making money. A buddy of mine, who knew more about the structure than I did, said it looked to him like a commission generator.
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    I prefer to just use a rake and rake in some cash daily. .. Sorry, could not resist.

    Most of those indicators etc are useless because they just follow price. That being the case why not narrow your focus to price and make more money with less troubles.

    KISS rules
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    Hey Wallace,

    I've read Mikula's book several times and have tried some of the concepts that he says are from Andrews. During my testing I notice that as an EOD tool it works reasonably well, but intraday it does not work. Have not tried the A/R lines yet. Have you used it enough to discern if there is something that is not right, missing or intentionally left out by Mikula?

  5. da-net, no
    I've never used pitchforks, found them to be too fiddly and much
    prefer the Standard Error Channel which pivots from its start point
    and is adjustable as the Price progresses plus add 1 or 2 more
    for the intermediate/overthrow Price moves

    I agree that the smaller the timeframe the more difficult it can be
    to apply these tools, another I like is the Fibonacci Fan but it can
    only be used in up or down throws, also the Gann Fan if there's
    'user input' available