Pitbulls kill their owner!!

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    Killing their owner is a much better outcome than killing some innocent neignbors!!


    MIDDLEBURG, Fla. — Two pit bull terriers fatally attacked their owner who had raised them since birth, authorities said Tuesday.

    Tina Marie Canterbury, 42, was walking to her back yard when the 2-year-old redbone pit bull terriers attacked her, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

    One of Canterbury's sons tried to help her, but the dogs attacked him. He was not seriously injured, authorities said.

    A family friend shot at the dogs to scare them away. A deputy shot one of the dogs. The other dog ran away but was found two hours later and killed, authorities said.

    Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said he couldn't remember such a severe dog attack since becoming sheriff three years ago.

    There were no signs of dog fighting or other abuse at the Canterbury home, authorities said.

  2. Yup.
    Dont have the link, but a story a while back, a pregnant woman defended her infant kid from an attack by the family's two pet rottweillers, and was hospitalised.
    no abuse, neglect , previous attacks etc.

    If a person did that, there'd be crowds with torches, pitchforks and shit, but no, our pets are perfectly safe, and would never do that.

    Their furry f*n CROCODILES people, get it into your head!
    Think those fangs are for chewing grass?!
  3. I can hear dog lovers saying, "Those dirty bastards killed those loving dogs! The dogs were just playing with their owner."

    A breed of dogs and people that need to go extinct.

    Here's an owner that needs the same treatment that he delivered to the three kids. This freak of nature set his pit bull loose on three kids walking by his house.

    October 4, 2007
    Pit Bull Attacks Kids; Owner Arrested
  4. A bite in the butt would really hurt him I guess. Better to be put
    in jail don't you think? Or maybe they should lop off his head?

    If the kids wouldn't of been calling the dog a "ho" this shit would
    of never happened in the first place. Kids aren't so bright these days...

    In fact, most kids are getting dumber by the day. The way they
    talk, walk, dress, act, ect... influenced by other stupid kids.
  5. Suburban white kids acting and dressing like they're inner city black kids.

    It's the hip-hop ghetto bullshit on MTV.

    Apparently being white is a bad thing these days.

  6. Longhorns, you nailed it right on the head...

    It's not only on MTV, a lot of commercials on TV have this ghetto music...:(
  7. people will do anything if they think it's cool..

    you ain't nothin if you ain't cool, right?

    they'll own an alligator if they can score 'manhood' points off it :|
  8. Now that you mentioned the stupid kids... 200+ years ago life was so difficult that the dimwits would have just died out at an early age before spreading their genes. Now anyone can breed and have offspring survive so easily. Looks like the new generation has gotten weaker, sicker dumber, etc. Those kids survived the dog attack, so there is hope.

    I'm reminded of reading about a news report many years ago about two teen boys that attempted to emulate their heroes that they saw in a movie.

    The movie showed two males proving their manhood by lying in the middle of a busy highway at night. The two teens just had to try what they saw in the movie as soon as the movie ended. Can you guess the result? One of them done got runned over real good and done died right there, yup.
  9. ah, what the hell. he went to heaven dint he? he's better off, ain't he? :confused:

    everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die .. go figure

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