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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by fpuppet, Dec 10, 2006.

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    I've been trading Gold on the floor of the COMEX for roughly 10 years, and we recently migrated to the GLOBEX electronic platform. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to word my resume. I would be seeking a position either on a trading desk or at a hedge fund. Since this is the only job I've had since college, I don't even know where to begin.

    Any advice? Sample Resume for a pit trader?
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    Are you profitable?
  3. I am sure you have some ideas for strategies to trade, and I am sure you have some financial connections, so trade for yourself.....the ultimate prize!

    Take what you have learned and move to the next level of personal and financial independence......trade for yourself!

    As you become successful at trading for yourself, you will never need to come to ET again wondering where or how to trade for someone else. Getting another job means to continue to build someone else's dream.....start to build your own.

    Your current situation is actually a whole new opportunity......seize the day and best wishes! :)
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    Even though I currently trade my personal capital, my goal is to trade other people's capital and only partially mine. There is no right or wrong regarding the issue though. Sorry, it's not on subject, just in response to 5Pillars :)
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    I am currently trading my own capital on the floor, as a local. I am only 33, and I am definitley going to trade on screens. Its just a little un-nerving because its unfamiliar. Most likely I will be able to translate my skills and strategies in the ring to trading on screens. But the fear factor has me thinking I should prepare a resume and "put it out there" just to have options.
    That being said, how would I market myself?

    Thanks for the encouragement!
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    Do you have contacts in the industry?
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    Its been over 5 years since I dealt with dealers or funds. Ive been trading on my own (as a local / independent) since then. So, I'd have to say no.

    Any former pit traders here? If so, could I see a sample resume?
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    I think Pabst was a pit trader, send him a PM.

  9. Regarding your CV.

    A wise friend once told me. When you apply to a financial institution you want to let them know that you´re going to make them a lot of money. So basically let them know with plenty of numbers the kind of risk/exposure that you have been able to handle in the past, what kind of returns did you get... that kind of stuff.
    Why not trade another pit for an instititution? Your background will probably open a few doors for you there.

    You might be able to find a couple of interesting jobs at this site, or at least you´ll get a better idea of what they{ll ask from you when you apply.


    Good luck on the job hunt, let us know how it goes.
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    There are no more pits. Ours were the last to go from open outcry to electronic.
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