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  1. For those contracts without an electronic trading venue (copper, coffee, sugar etc), how are real-time quotes and executions for a brokerage such as lind-waldock nowadays? Are real-time streaming bids/asks given? How much slippage should be expected from electronic order entry --> manual pit execuction --> fill and confirmation? Just looking for experiences from those who trade these contracts.
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    just depends on what you are trading and how you are trading it?

    Example: Soybeans.

    The Grain pits are very efficient and you should not have any problems on fills or slippage or corrected tickets (days after the fact like in the meats) so you can use stops and limits rather loosely.

    Example: Cocoa.

    one of the WORST pit traded contracts in history!
    along with the energy mkts and especially Options on Energies such as Natural Gas, Unleaded Gas and Heating Oil.

    good luck

  3. Yeah I was looking at soybeans, but not sure if IB allows trading in it; I see quotes on TWS but orders don't go through -- looks like decent volume/spreads even overnight. Anyone trade ZS at all?
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    IB doesn't offer it at the moment, although you are correct that you may be able to see prices under the symnols ZS, ZC, etc.

    If it goes fully electronic, or if the electronic hours are extended to coincide with the pit hours then we would most likely offer it.