Pit fills ... anyone else still waiting?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by SideShowBob, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. I'm still waiting on a pit fill from what's now nearly 2 hours ago on ICE cotton. The broker says they're backup up (no sh*t). Is this normal???? I've used the pits before and encountered late fills (maybe 30 minutes) but two hours is ridiculous....
  2. tns4774


    Was there a certain reason you went with the pit?? Volume in the pits for softs is terrible with most of the action electronic. I would suggest staying away from the pits on the softs.
  3. I'm trading a system based on daily data (from the pit) using stops. I first tried simulating pits using good after time (with expiration) orders but I found I was getting fills at prices the pits never touched, and which were often the low/high of the day (low when I'm shorting, high when I'm buying). At least with the pits I know the price was really hit.

    However I will have to re-examine this when it comes to NYBOT, especially since it's going all electronic in a few weeks.
  4. I have yet to ever meet anybody who has ever bragged about the quality of the price fills they have received in any New York market.
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    Side Show . . . . something does not add up. ICE fills (if the market is open and not limit up/down) are purely electronic (as far as I know). I have never had a delayed fill on any of the new Sugar, Cotton, Canola or Cocoa markets. In fact, I did a roll today in Cocoa at the market from March to May and got filled instantly (within a second or two).

    Maybe check and see if you have the symbol entered correctly. It may be ICT instead of CT. . . . . .