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  1. Police say Virginia man killed by his pit bull

    – Wed Jun 15, 9:06 am ET

    SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. – Police say a Virginia man found dead in his home was killed by his pit bull.

    The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department says in a news release that an autopsy found indications of paw marks on the victim's body and defensive wounds on the fingers and hands.
    Police say the body of 38-year-old David Quyon Haigler was found Saturday in his home by his 18-year-old son.

    Sheriff's Lt. Col. Michael Timm tells The Free-Lance Star that the 6-year-old pit bull was roaming free in the house. Another 6-year-old pit bull was chained in another area of the residence.

    Timm says both dogs are being held at the county animal shelter.


    (no relation to story) :D
  2. I am sometimes bothered by Pit-Bulls on my property.
    I find a shotgun blast to their face tames them somewhat.

    I then hang their ugly carcass from the post and wire fence and let the foxes eat them.

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    I would think an autopsy wouldn't be necessary to determine if someone was killed by a dog. "paw marks"???
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    Pit Bulls are actually very good dogs. It's their asshole owners who ruin these fine animals.

    There's no bad dogs; only bad dog owners.
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    I get a real chuckle out of the individuals on here that defend these dogs. They probably own an entire kennel of these "unpredictable" animals. And you just don't quite know when, or if they will turn on a human. Most owners around my area are drug dealers.
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    With due respect for all the things of which you have knowledge, Larson, you don't know what you are talking about.
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    And how would you know that I am not speaking from personal experience? Do you have any statistics showing other breeds doing the same level of damage?
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    LOL...Try not to be offended. Perhaps you had a bad experience, etc. I'm quite certain that you know things that I don't know. I will tell you this: I am half man/half dog. Ruff ruff. Why don't we just leave it at that?
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    I do some work with a dog rescue, and have three rescue dogs (was four, but one passed at 14 from cancer.)

    The one that passed was an American Pit Bull Terrier according to the experts who had seen him over the years. He was a big baby who used to hide marshmallows for later use, and try to dig a hole to hide in when it thunders/lightnings.:D He was raised by kids up to age 3, and was given to me when the family couldn't afford to keep him anymore vs. send him to a shelter.

    The female is an American Staffordshire (large) terrier. (pit bull) who motherd puppies since she could do so, and sleeps in my Sons' rooms at night. She takes turns walking to each room, and sleeping in the bed for a few hours. Another baby who sleeps 30 hours a day, and loves people.

    The other is a female boxer. She is old(er), but jumps high enough to clear a fence, but won't do it. She is a baby, but a little more protective

    Last, is a LARGE female shepherd/hound (lol) who is older, and enjoys food from her size. She is too lazy to bite anyone, and too nice to begin with.

    It's all about how thy're raised...
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