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  1. I make almost $500 every day scalping equities and all these fucking assholes want a piece of it. The fuckin broker wants .004 for executing orders thru their shitty, half-ass software; the fuckin nyse wants .0008 for removing liquidity and they give nothing for adding; fuckin NSCC fee of .0001 per share; fuckin TAF fee .000075 per share; fuckin sec fee of .0000056 per share sold; and then fuckin ecn fees. I am getting tired of these fuckin assholes eating into my profits. Why dont the fuckin brokers pay these fees???????? The sec says the brokers have to pay the sec fee. Why the fuck are they taking it from us????? Isn't there a way to trade without these middlemen?? If I make 500, I want at least 400 in my pocket. Anything more than that is just unacceptable for 25,000 shares a day..
  2. start trading futures and say goodbye to those fees
  3. No bro. I have an edge in stocks and I can't do it in futures. I am not going to give up stocks for these low lives who just lease a freakin software and sit on their asses all day ripping us off. I'm going to find a way to get rid of them and their fuckin base rate.
  4. why dont u find a direct access trading platform offered at any of the decent daytrading houses?
  5. I am with a direct access firm now as a prop trader. I don't understand how finding a decent software will cut the middle guy out...Please explain.

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    Fuck 'em. Fuck all of them, bro.
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    Yout forgot to mention that after all those fees, what you do keep is then taxed hard and heavy by Uncle Sam, and then what is left after that is taxed again when you spend it. So in the end after making $500 gross you have $50 left. And if Obama wins prepare to see that get cut in half.

    But hey, I see those commercials asking for donations that say $2 a day can feed a family for a week, so your $25 a day net you'll keep should have you living like a rock star. :p
  8. then why not just add another 25% in trading capital to make up for the fees?
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    Now you know how many american people feel everday with the GOV nickel and diming them to death. Guess what it will only get worse and you will continue to take it. Just wait until your cost go even higher once the lemmings elect McCain or Obama.

    American people cry about getting screwed every day, yet they elect people to continue bending them over because the Clergy man told them too.
  10. dino if its not mccain or obama then who are we to elect?
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