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  1. just realized that I'm not smarter than the market.
  2. traderob


    Socrates was wise because he knew he didn't know anything.
  3. yeah but he was gay.
  4. yeayo


    yeah right, he was an extremely ugly, asexual/gay, and an annoying dipshit who would rebutt anything anyone would say

    he was a sophist - like every ugly, asexual, and annoying politician today:

  5. Markets can chew you up like a Wrighleys double pop chewing gum. I know this from experience.
  6. wow, cool replies! and I thought my thoughts were deep!

    markets can make you feel like an old stuffed animal in a poodle's jaws one day, and like a frog on a lilly pad the next.

    I'm not sure which is harder: dating or trading.
  7. July 2002-July 2005....it took you 3 years to realize this???

  8. syrre


    if you fix trading you should fix dating as well :)
  9. better late than never, eh?
  10. very true my friend, very true :D

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