pisani: 'day traders have stepped aside'

Discussion in 'Trading' started by blackbook, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. really?
  2. sure we have (huge lol)
  3. but why
  4. pisani is the bob costas of wall st
  5. you just insulted bob costas :p
  6. cnbc should have a daily session where only all the babes gather at multi-chat windows to debate over something...
  7. ssblack


    +1, costas is 1st class IMO.
  8. ...naked.
  9. Everyone has stepped aside, Capitulation time.... INDU will touch 9500 very shortly.

    Recession is deep and we are in a BEAR MARKET.

    Enjoy the ride down.

    We may get a spike here and there, but GAME OVER for the markets, OCTOBER is not the best month.
  10. topless would be good enough...:D
    #10     Oct 6, 2008