Piranha Trading, LLC

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  1. anyone heard of Piranha Trading, LLC? I'm a newbie. Just wondering.

    Just found their postings on monster.com:

    US-NY-New York City-Proprietary Equity Trader :.

    Status: Full Time, Employee

    Job Location: 10006

    Piranha Trading, LLC

    Trading firm seeking proprietary traders and institutional sales-traders for our New York, San Diego, and Long Island (Nassau County) offices.

    *We offer an automated trading platform with a proven, profitable track record of trading NYSE stocks.

    *Post married puts and enter sell orders in ONE keystroke!

    *Highest payout in the industry.

    *Competitive volume-based commission charges with no ticket charges.

    *Health, Life, Dental, and Vision coverage available at group rates.

    *NYSE Open Book, Level 2, Pre-Market, After-Hours trading.

    *Remote trading available.

    *Sponsorship for Series 7, 55, 24, 4 Exams.

    *Minimal capital contribution.

  2. I heard they were bought out by Shill Securities, LLC. As such, they are no longer accepting applications.
  3. Pabst


    LOL! I've heard though that Piranha is merely clearing Shill and that if you trade under the right team leader at Piranha you can pay less than some of the guy's at Shill. I only know this cause Don Bright told me.:D :D
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    I read Piranha is merging with A.B. Watley to compete with Shill.
    They are going to clear physical to go back to an old school style.
    I bet there will be openings in the messenger department for trainees.
    I heard in the locker room they are coming off the Pink Sheets and into bankruptcy.