Piper Jaffray gives AAPL a $390 Price target!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by S2007S, Oct 13, 2010.

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    I think as of now this is the highest Price target given to AAPL.

    Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster raised both his Apple (AAPL) price target (to $390 from $371) and his estimate for 2011 iPad sales (to 21 million from 14.5 million).

    Right now AAPL is touching down on all cylinders, who knows how long this can last since they are the biggest tech company right now. They do own a very large share of the tablet market, but that will soon drop off as more competitors enter the playing field. Aside from that the bigger they are the harder it gets to grow as fast as they did since the release of the first ipod, it will be very interesting as years go buy to see how challenging growth gets for the biggest tech company in the world.
  2. Perception is everything.

    I will just keep buying this, buying calls, selling puts... what ever bullish move you want. It will continue upward for some time. I know it cant go up forever, but it can go up for the foreseeable future.

    By the way, I own a number of apple products... the hype is correct, they all work much better than the competitors products.

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    I only own one product from apple, the iphone, and I got it as a gift. So actually I can say I never bought an apple product.