Piper Investment Banking Analyst, Minneapolis

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  1. I'm too old for something like this, but I know a couple of younger guys who may be interested.

    It seems like a 2 year intern training program where, if you're not offered a permanent position at Piper, they toss you out the door and tell you, "You're welcome for the training. Best of wishes finding another firm who will take you."

    Anyone have experience with positions like this?

    Link to the page where it was found:

  2. the only experience i have with a position like this is that if you plan on using this to work in NY or SF, "forget about it".. the hiring managers see a mickey mouse city on your resume and it goes straight to the trash.

    might have some value if used to get into a top 5-10 b school, though!
  3. How is that different from anywhere else? Not much different from RTH (Right To Hire). They contract you for a few months, to ensure you are not a blathering idiot before risking taking you in permanently...
  4. I hadn't thought about that angle. Always an option.
  5. I understand it's a harsh world out there. I just hadn't any experience with a firm which would give you extensive training, and then turn you loose.

    As always TZ, your delicate insights are appreciated.
  6. with this experience you would be well qualified to be accepted into wharton/hbs. they would expect you to come back as an "associate"
  7. Sounds like a pretty good gig if you can get it.