Pioneer Valley Traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by go_friday, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. Any traders out there in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts (esp. Five College area) interested in meeting up at some point?
  2. tomcole


    I travel through the area to visit folks - where are you? Aty a college? Prep school? Retirement home?
  3. lol. no, been out of school a while, not quite yet in that retirement home. doing my best to save up! in the meantime, just living and working in northampton.

    used to trade full-time, back to part-time for now (mostly swing trading equities). recently transplanted from NYC, so just wanted to see who was out there. not much talk of the markets here in this area, or at least that i'm aware of.

    if you're up for a coffee or beer next time you're passing through, or know of any groups in the area by chance, definitely let me know. i'm always interested in talking shop, especially outside the confines of message boards!
  4. I might be interested:)

    What kind of things are you all interested in? What type of trading/instruments?

  5. Can't speak for tomcole, but I'd say I'm a highly discretionary trader (mostly making my decisions based on a varying combination of basic technicals, gut/past experience, and my reading of market conditions and/or psychology in a given stock). Prefer swing trading the same stocks over and over, usually small/micro-cap equities, so I can get a feel for them (fundamentally and technically). Holding periods lately range from overnight to a few weeks.

    Very interested in talking with other discretionary traders, but system trading interests me as well if it's not purely mechanical. I have little to no experience with trading other instruments aside from equities, but I'm always game to discuss, listen and learn!