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  1. I've thought about making some backtesting... Is Pinnacle Data still in business? I sent an email, but got no answer whatsoever... Anyone using their data recently?
  2. what kind of data do you need?
  3. Long history of futures single contracts as well as continuous.
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    guess pinnacle is still alive. just try again.
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    Try Norgate Data. Individual contracts + continuation. They don't cover every market out there but they do have the liquid ones you would actually want to trade.
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    You can try algoseek. Their data is especially good for back-testing, as it's survivorship bias free and provided "as if" from the exchanges.
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  7. Yes, I can confirm. I purchased.

    Now I'm going to use Excel for most analysis, but I'd like to see very basic charts too: anyone could suggest a very basic very inexpensive product?
  8. You can yourself see, if you don't get the answer after mailing, it might not be a good option to go go ahead with. Instead try some other data that is still in the market and can respond to you without taking much of your time.
  9. I agree better try more responsive data providers. For Futures data, you can check out algoseek, tickdata, etc
  10. Their website says they’re up and running. You should keep contacting them for the same though.

    Just wondering what data you do require at the moment? Maybe I can be of some help.
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