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    I was just browsing the Pinnacle web site looking at their historical futures data (CLC Database), it seems like a good deal. The question is however, and maybe I'm just missing something bloody obvious on the website, but what is the resolution of the data? Beyond that, does anybody use this product, any pros/cons?
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    It's daily data.

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    I've used Pinnacle since the mid 90s. Good product. EOD only.
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    If you want serious diversification into lots of global futures markets, Pinnacle isn't the best choice. Mostly they specialize in North American and Western European futures markets.

    Among the many futures contracts not covered by Pinnacle, are
    • Swiss Govt Bond @ Eurex ("CONF")
    • BUXL @ Eurex
    • 1 month LIBOR @ CME
    • New Zealand Dollar @ CME
    • Milk @ CME
    • WTI Crude @ ICE
    • Brent Crude @ ICE
    • London GasOil @ ICE
    • Korean T-Bond @ KOFEX
    • London Robusta Coffee @ LIFFE
    • London White Sugar #5 @ LIFFE
    • London Cocoa @ LIFFE
    • Euroswiss @ LIFFE
    • OMX stock index @ Stockholm
    • Johannesburg All Shares Index @ SAFEX
    • White Maize @ SAFEX
    • Aussie Share Price Index SPI-200 @ SFE
    • Aussie 3 Year Bonds @ SFE
    • Aussie 10 Year Bonds @ SFE
    • Aussie Bank Bills @ SFE
    • MSCI Taiwan Index @ SIMEX
    • MSCI Singapore Index @ SIMEX
    • Indian Nifty stock index @ SIMEX
    • mini Japan Govt Bond @ SIMEX
    • Japan Govt Bond (fullsize) @ TSE
    • Rubber @ TOCOM
    • Kerosene @ TOCOM
    • TOPIX index @ TSE
    • Rapeseed - Canola @ WGE
    and the list goes on.
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    Who would you recommend?
  7. last i checked, CSI had damn near everything, but you pay more for the international stuff, and its expensive to start with.

    personally, if i was buying data, i'd use pinnacle.
  8. Check out as well. I use them and Pinnacle. has additional contracts not covered by pinnacle, plus they are significantly cheaper. But their full history is not quite as extensive as pinnacle (for example I think corn goes back to 1970 with premiumdata and 1959 with pinnacle although that's from memory and I'm not sure I'm remembering it correctly).

    CSI is the gold standard but you pay through the nose for it. For most purposes you don't need them.

    Another option is although their data is more limited, but it includes intraday and tick data as well.