Pinksheet, OTC, OTC.BB

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  1. Are they all the same? A good source for level 2 quotes for them?
    Would I be at a big disadvantage trading delisted issues with a firm like Ameritrade? Thanks
  2. come on guys, help a brother out. i know its a bunch of hype/pump and dump scam but trading is trading right? :)
  3. Don't waste your money.
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  5. just signed up today for some pinksheet/otcbb level 2 and let me tell ya. felt like i was surrounded by nothing but whores, gamblers, and addicts :D . it was like being inside of a crackhouse. 100bucks for quote well spent :D
  6. If you want to trade in pinksheets, cancel the quotes and invest into some good email-spamming software and servers instead.

    Here's your future bench mark:
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    Is it possible to short pink sheet stocks?
  8. Nope...
  9. Pink sheets and OTC-BB are different. They are not the same thing.