"Pink Sheet" stock market makers

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wabrew, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. wabrew


    I am not looking for real time quotes on pink sheet stocks - you can get 15 min delayed quotes here


    What I am looking for is where to go to get a list of Market makers for pink sheet or bulletin board stocks.

    Any ideas?
  2. Tony Soprano & Co
  3. wabrew


    Ok - When I called Tony, he said all I had to do was pay him $149.00 each month for the OTC Quote service.


    I thanked him for his time and explained that I really did not need daily access to the shit that he peddles - Rather I just want to know who the Market makers are on a specific stock. He screamed some expletives and I hung up ( I hope he doesn't have caller ID )

    Is their any chance anyone at ET subscribes to this quote service. If so I will give you the lock of the day on the Nebraska/Texas Tech game in exchange for the MM ID's on just one BB stock.

    Thanks. Wayne
  4. wabrew


    Thank you - great site! -

    The scuttle here in Nebraska is that we cannot beat the spread.

    Last I saw TT favored -4 1/2 for game and - 2 1/2 for first half

    I am a big husker fan but I am taking TT - 2 1/2 for first half :confused:
  5. :D :p :D :eek: