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    Trading on the pink sheets so prob no good to you IB guys but 10 days ago it was $0.20 now trading at close to $3
    Missed the bus yesterday,I don't hold..

    ShockRounds™ are positioned to be a potential major breakthrough product for the law enforcement industry, the military and border control and anti terrorism initiatives.

    ShockRounds™ are specialized bullets and/or non-lethal munitions that generate a high voltage charge and are fully compatible with standard ammunition calibers. This voltage discharges upon impact causing immediate target incapacitation.

    By making standard bullets and rubber bullets "electric" and thereby, far more effective, this patent-pending technology will:
    Make law enforcement safer and more certain
    Save lives and ensure less collateral damage
    Reduce injuries and fatalities
    Enable far better control and effective enablement in aircraft, public places, arenas etc.
    Provide an effective anti terrorism and border control
    Decrease legal liability and revolutionize the munitions industry.
    In a manner similar to stun guns and "Taser"(NasdaqSC "TASR") technology, a ShockRounds™ bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system. It incapacitates the target immediately, although temporarily, via electric shock. ShockRounds™, however, are more versatile and have more applications than any other products currently marketed. For example, the ShockRounds™ rubber bullets can totally incapacitate a target at 100 metres, whereas traditional rubber bullets are largely ineffective at their maximum range of about 40 metres. Further, ShockRounds™ rubber bullets are not restricted to close range use as is the case with stun guns and products such as the "Taser" gun which is limited to around 12 metres as well as requiring a direct wire to the target.

    Given the global emphasis on law enforcement, security and terrorism prevention, the need for new and more effective lethal and non-lethal weapons could not be more acute. ShockRounds™ technology is applicable to a wide range of markets and security needs, introducing far more application and versatility to this market sector.

    ShockRounds™ technology is being developed for traditional metal and rubber bullet cartridges that are fully compatible with existing firearms. MDM Group proposes to have existing ammunition manufacturers either manufacture the ShockRounds™ products under contract or license. The worldwide market for metal bullets is estimated at over five billion dollars while for rubber bullets it is over $150 million and growing rapidly.
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    If anyones interested in trading it but ain't got lev2 theres level2 for pinks for f.a here.
    Bought some @ $2.60...see what gives for the rest of the day
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    Probably talking to myself but this just broke its last high.
    @$3.80 if anyones interested