Pink Lemonade or Regular Lemonade?

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Pink Lemonade

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  2. Regular Lemonade

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  1. :)
  2. I guess if I had my druthers, I prefer Southern Sweet Tea to both of these.
  3. Just tried Crystal Light Fruit Punch--pretty awesome.
  4. Which does Snapple count as???
  5. Is it Lemonade?
  6. I prefer a good old "Arnold Palmer" in a tall glass with lots of ice and a little bit of mint, instead of straight lemonade. Now that I think of it, a shot of Belvedere or Ketel also improves the taste quite a bit.

    I guess I shouldn't have got started on the subject.

  7. Mike's Hard Lemonade
  8. Most refreshing drink: ice water with a squeezed wedge of lemon.
  9. Have you ever had Rum Punch? I had it in St John VI recently. It was very good.
  10. Have not, but it sounds good.

    I have had a "Pimms cup". Just can't remember whats in it. :)

    Must have been very good though

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