pink floyd

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  1. this is 1 badass band.
    checkout darkside of the moon with the lights out.
  2. Oh yeah, and much better with psilocybin. :D
  3. Ricter


    Yo cobra, that's kinda a "cracker" band, aint it?
  4. unlike ya klans, im have an open mind.
    besides, good music is good music.
    oh yeah, the band is english.
    ya know, old europe.
  5. r-in


    ROFL, with the lights out! Man oh man alive that was the least of it. Brings back memories that make me wonder how it is I'm even alive today, let alone have a brain that functions on occasion.
  6. Hey King, Earth Wind & Fire could smoke them any day!
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Dark Side of the Moon is estimated to be the fourth-best-selling album of all time worldwide, and the 18th-best-selling album in the United States. It peaked at #1 on The Billboard 200, spent a record-setting total of 741 weeks (over 15 years) on that list, and also reached #1 on Billboard's Pop Catalog Chart. The 2003 Hybrid SACD issue reached #1 on Billboard's Pop Catalog Chart as well and sold 800,000 SACDs in the U.S. alone. Since it was first released, it has sold over 40 million copies worldwide as of 2004. In 2003, 250,000 copies were bought, and as of 2004 it was selling over 8,000 copies a week. It is estimated that one in every 14 people in the U.S. under the age of 50 owns a copy of this album.
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    I was listenin' to these bad boyz when y'all was in diapers.

    Or sooner - I might be your daddy b'cuz of 'em! :D

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    I think they are a badass band, too. But that doesn’t get you off the hook regarding your lousy trolling skills
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    I'm watching QUEEN on PBS right now with Paul Rodgers singing for Freddy Mercury.

    Excellent. I mean Paul singing leads on Queen songs and Queen playing Bad Company instrumentals is an amazing and refreshing combo.
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