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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by newycity, May 3, 2006.

  1. newycity


    i am hearing that ping times for order executions can vary but for orders in the ten packet range, the timing should be at 1-5 milliseconds. my firm is telling me that this is not possible. That my 100 milliseconds is as good as it gets. Please give me your experience and feedback so i know i'm not getting a bad deal.. I have met with firms that claim to be better but are they really?? Time is of the utmost importance.. thx all......
  2. alanm


    "ping times for order executions" doesn't really make sense, which is why you probably get variable answers.
  3. What would I have to ping to test the time between transfer from me to my order-execution?

    I know the delay between clearing and all that I can't test..... or can you?

    How do you find out the real speed from the time you click the buy/sell button to when it gets filled?

    Anyone have any ideas to find statistics?
  4. kowboy


    Ping time(ms) between client and ECN, but not execution. Certainly fast enough for me, at any rate.
  5. I wish Laser had that feature...