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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by cgjung, Feb 21, 2003.

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    What is an acceptable ping time for intraday trading not scalping.
    What is the ping time from UK IB servers to the servers in the US .

    is 236 ms acceptable

    I have a potential traders in Asian and Europe and I'm concerend of execution speed. Def if you have amoment can you tell me your ping from HK to the US.


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    Do you want everyone to do a test for a comparison? Geee

    I've said many times that IB is not for everyone. You see the reasoning behind this. I just hope lunatics just lose their account as soon as possible and walk away. Otherwise, Beauro in IB and lunatics will ultimately destroy IB.


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    No, I don't intend to have everybody perform a ping test.
    I have certain assumptions based on the parameters of my financial and technological infrastructure of my company that I need to verify if it is viable to have traders located in different parts of the world.

    I wanted a general acceptability of speed and experience from others with respect to their trading access from different parts of the world..

    I don't understand your incoherent gibberish about you wanting people to loose their money with IB and lunatics destroying the company etc..
  4. CGjung,

    Try to do a latency test. I don't think that 236 milliseconds is acceptable. Citrix metaframe allows you to set up a performance monitoring program for all copnnections and the highest I have seen on there was 240 milliseconds for a guy that was trading over a dial-up from Scotland to our Chicago Data Center.

    PM me if you want some more details.


  5. brich


    I am doing well with about 350 ms from Indonesia , to US server.
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    I can ping the US from around 170 ms to 240 ms from my broadband at home depending on where I ping to (tried, yahoo, IB, msft and a few other US sites). FWIW, I can get to the HK server in 10 ms. Much of it depends on the connection, the service, distance etc and which server you are running on. (Note, pinging the IB web site is not the same as pinging the gateway).

    Is 236ms acceptable. Probably for most trading yes.
  9. white17


    I am in Alaska. If I ping my gateway in San Diego, CA it is greater than 3000 ms much of the time. Obviously I'm not scalping but it is not an impediment to swings or option trades.
  10. 3000- thats an awfully long delay. Sounds like there may be a problem somewhere between you and the server being pinged.
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