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    I am terrible at coming up with good search terms, so I'll start by asking the many experts here. Only slightly being sarcastic, in that there does seem to be a diverse group here with good knowledge who could maybe help. The other day I was lifting and went for 1 rep too many. I have no spotter, so I know it was a bad idea, etc, etc. I lost it getting it back up, but fought it instead of bringing it down controlled and dealing with sliding out from underneath. I almost killed myself in that it ended up on my throat, and I was so wiped from fighting to get in on the holds I was fatigued. I got my head turned and slid out luckily. Was real close to suffocating actually.
    On top of a sore throat to the point of feeling like I have a lump swallowing, I also have numbness. The numbness is in my bicep and forearm right below the bicep/inside of elbow, and my thumb and the muscle/portion of the hand below the thumb. I'm thinking I pinched a nerve while fighting to get it back up, and am curious if anyone has an idea where to find info on which nerve or area it would be? I'll put the wife to work massaging.
    It's been 3 days now and it is still numb. It is a pain, as I all ready have dropped a few things as my feeling is off. Also, when I tried lifting after it seemed like a loss of strength in the arm, but I assume it is related to the numbness.
    Thanks for any thoughts. If you need to include how stupid to lift without a spotter, go for it, but I would appreciate any input to the problem after that. :)
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    You need to get your risky ass to a DR bro. Injuries to the neck can be very serious. This is not take 2 aspirin time.
  3. AGREED!!! GO TO THE DR.!!!! I know some men have this thing about Dr.s but that sounds serious, I bet your wife told you the same thing!!!!!
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    good luck r-in, you need it.
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    Hopefully, you have already taken the other posts' advice and visited a doctor. You definitely have some sort of spinal injury around your 6th and 7th vertebrae. When I injured my spine in this region, I had those EXACT same symptoms. This could be a very serious injury and you don't want to be permanently disabled.
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    Geez, it's not enough I almost kill myself, now you are making me nervous. Yes, the wife said her peace, and I said if things didn't change by Monday I'd go see a doc. I still have the numbness in my bicep, forearm and thumb area. I don't think I helped myself tonight. I pitched batting practice for my sons baseball team. My back is stiff up the right side and my elbow hurts pretty good. That maybe a good thing because I had myself convinced that I was going to lift after practice today, but the elbow and back changed that plan, and probably is good.
    Thanks for the advice. I do admit I have a hard time believing it is bad as some suggest. The numbness is annoying and I have dropped a couple glasses all ready as my grip is off.
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    Don't wait till Monday, ER room now, Nerve damage can be permanent is not relieved.
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    Update since I started the thread, and people gave some good advice, even though I ignored it. It took a good month, maybe a bit longer, but I have the feeling back in my hand and forearm. The bruise on my chest took about as long to go away.
    I have now pulled a muscle in my lower back, but I have done that before. It's been over a year since the last time, and I think it is partly because of missing workouts form the injury and chasing kids here and there.
    I actually did go to a doc for this, and he gave me Celebrex and Vicodin. Vicodin has no effect on me so I haven't bothered with it. The wife has had it and I tried for another injury, but it did nothing. The Celebrex didn't seem to do anything to relax the muscles either, so I'm biding my time. I refuse to stop working out, and I'm still pitching batting practice so I will be on the long road for recovery again.
    Thanks for the advice, and apologise for being a stubborn SOB. The wife used different language, which is why I went to the doc for the back. :D

  9. Good stuff, quick recovery. Sort of.

    Some freindly advice, from someone who knows, take shit easy from now on.

    My bro nearly killed himself benching, very similiar to your description-he was young and stoopid, not lifting to much in fact-just to aggressively.
    As you do, when young and stoopid. If you lift enough to NEED a spotter, your lifting more than your body can manage, period. Even with a spotter.

    I have two vertabrae between my shoulder blades that ground away on and off for years, they no longer grind, I'm sure you can guess why. Think that aint painfull?

    When you get on again/off again different /ongoing injuries from excercise, you are doing something VERY wrong.
    Do yoga, swim, any damned thing, check your diet, but do SOMETHING about getting your body balanced, or you will likely be much worse off down the track, no matter how well you feel or think your going.

    Ongoing chronic pain is a rotten, vicious bitch (yes, even worse than many folks ex-wifes) and you just stepped into the firing line, and seem prepared to go back for another pot shot; least you could do is keep your head down, as such.

    How's this....when you work out, do whatever, just remember you do not want a permanent injury. That's right-you do not want a permanent injury!

    Ugh, I know I'm wasting my time, people only think about this stuff AFTER they have been through years of agony and chronic pain, and have a permanent injury, but it happens you know.

    M bro recovered quickly as you did, but IIRC, he was told such injuries stood about a 20%percent chance of lifelong back/long term peripheral nerve damage.
    Heck, and that's without the high probability of accidentally crushing his windpipe in the lifting accident, he didnt.
    Er, fortunately I guess.

    So, you can be a chump like me , and have skeletal /joint damage at 36 , or you can do things the smart way, and find a more natural way to train.
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