"Pinball Wizard", trading practice game

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  1. A boring Sunday morning so i review some old trading tidbit sheets. Try this one on for size.

    What will price do next when the players do what they will do?

    Your best assumption of what is in the mind of the other players must come from your own mind. You will "get inside their head" WITH YOURS. You will anticipate their actions.

    Ever play pinball? Sure you have, you watch the ball and realize it "probably" will do this or that if it hits this or that.

    Why should daytrading futures (ES) be any different? Fast action = fast reactions, mind and fingers working together, no time for thinking, just do it.

    How much different would a chart of a pinball game look compared to a 5 minute chart of ES?

    The beauty of practicing trading as a pinball trader is that Microsoft gives you a pinball game free in GAMES. HA, real trading with real bullets involves severe practice. But, you get the point, right? I mean what's the difference? :)

    OK, here is the answer: Pinball is a lot faster but far less rewarding than following the other players in the game. Have fun.

    Actually trading is easier because the past on the chart gives a roadmap of what is coming. Play the odds, not your fears.
  2. Yahoo Pool on games.yahoo.com serves a similar purpose :)

    But remember to change the setting to a maximum of 5 seconds per shot...
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    What category? Or how do I find it at Yahoo (or MS site)? It's a shame but I never played pinball. Thanks
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    And to think... some of us misspent our youth on it.
  5. "Tommy, can you hear me..?"

    Subway pinball game was my fav. The chicks liked a dude with fast flipper fingers.:cool:
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