Pin Point Day Trading Method

Discussion in 'Trading' started by toad57, May 28, 2002.

  1. toad57


  2. toad57


    I see there are a number of auction buyers... I will survey a few of them and post the results here.

    (still skeptical)

    Mr. Toad
  3. Whamo


    It has the look of slime all over it. I did meet someone online in Woodies room that subscribes to PinPoint. I'll ask him some questions about it.
  4. trdrmac


    Guys/Ladies, this is strait from the source, and since The Fourth of July is coming up you better hurry.

    *****UPDATE February 17th****
    I'm getting Very Very close to the Maximum amount of students
    And will be closing the PinPoint membership very soon.
    Space is limited so Bid now!!!!!

    Maybe this ham and egger is so busy with his 96% winning streak he could not click and paste a new date.

  5. trdrmac


    Oh one more thing, I am very picking about my % wins. Now this win % seems OK

    93% Winning Days !!!!!!!

    But when I scrolled down just a little further I saw the light


    Over 97% Winning days!!!!!!!!

    Not sure about anyone else, but someone who can't keep a single lie strait on the same post lacks just a little credibility in my book.

    Too Funny
  6. Cesko


    "I bet you are asking yourself, "If this PinPoint thing is so GREAT... Than why in the Hell are you selling it. AND for only $97.
    Well, I have been very blessed in my life. I live the life I have always dreamed of and feel that its time to give something back. Check out the picture of me in my new Jaguar XK8 Convertible. I am not showing you this picture to brag, but to show you that Im for real and that PinPoint is my gift to you. "

    No comments.
  7. MrDinky


    Judging from the number of buyers, he's making about $1,000/mo off ebay selling it.

    Here's where his picture is stored. Not the most comprehensive website in the world.
  8. Cesko


    Where do you see any buyers?
  9. jeffm


    I am truly shocked at the bitter attitude of you people. A master trader wants to share his knowledge and all you do is rip him!?! You saw the picture. HE OWNS A JAGUAR!!! What more proof do you need?

    And trdrmac...the answer to your question is so obvious. The Pin Prick System is so good that the number of winning days INCREASED from 93% to 97% just in the time it took to create the ad for ebay. Now THATS what I call good performance!

    You losers can do what you want. I'm buying Pin Prick today, and scheduling a visit to my local Ford...errr...Jaguar dealer tomorrow.


    Seriously, it looks like this guy sells about 5 copies of his crap every week on ebay. $2000 a month easy money. That's not too bad, if you dont mind being a con artist.
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