Pimco is gonna make a killing.

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  1. With the government paying 80-90 cents on the dollar for these assets then selling it to pimco for 15-20 cents on the dollar.

    We will effectively nationalize losses even further on taxpayer books and privatize gains.

    and in a few years Pimco will unroll positions over time and profit selling at 40-50 cents on the dollar and pocketing the profits.

    Talk about a nice scam.
  2. Wont the dollar be worth less then toiletpaper by then erasing all nominal gains for the likes of Pimco?
  3. No because if the dollar becomes toiletpaper then those assets Pimco holds will become more valuable. We would probably see homes selling at bubble prices again since it will take 3 dollars to do the same 1 dollar does today :)

    Pimco wins even more.
  4. Damnit.

    This sucks.

    That Bill Gross sure is a crook.
  5. I don't think he is a crook. Guy is a savvy dude. Madoff is a crook.
  6. BlackRock will raise money from investors such as pension funds and endowments for the new Treasury programs, Fink said. The company might consider creating mutual funds so that individual investors can also participate.:D :D :D :D
  7. Daal


    Here it comes the aggregator bank asset ETF. NYSE:BAD
    Whos long?