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    Bill Gross April 07 OutLook..

    Well this guys wants to solve a problem created by a bubble ( liquidity) with more fuel for the bubble.

    In the UK in 1990 there were loans for 120% of housing value, btw 1991 and 1996 the UK median house price index fell 25%, then Bank of England need Govt bail out.

    Maybe he thinks the Fed will do this, so then he can have another winning trade on the front end of bond yields. BUT YOU CANT TELL ME more liquidity will save the day in the end it will be very messy....

    Its time to stop the fuel....
  2. Gross believes selling 100k front month straddles in the 10-year is generating alpha. Bill -- the porno moustache is so 1972.
  3. This guy managed a bond fund for us where I used to work, he is a "do you know who I am?" asshole.
  4. This guy has been wrong with his rate calls for so long. He should be embarrassed.
  5. Whats he supposed to do? He is doing all he can do to return any kind of extra alpha that has been ruined by the refusal of the rest of the world to allow global imbalances to be sorted out by the private sector.
  6. look for a strong bond market rally.
  7. lets see, he's a billionaire with one of best performance records in the industry, you guys are being a lil hard on him don't ya think.
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    by the way he is clearly the biggest asshole on the street - together with his PIMCO sect. They just talk their books all the time - his speaches has nothing to do with objective opinion or even (God forbid) with an economic analysis.
  9. He's a billionare because he sold out to the eurotrash years ago and continues to lick their manhood. Hence the mustache.
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    I'm sure he gives a shit about what any of you pikers think of him LOL
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