Pimco and Blackrock say QE3 on the way....

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  1. lol Yea, with 1 Trillion AUM...
  2. I'm trying to locate some articles. If I recall correctly, he sold his treasury portfolio about $250 Billion worth and then he went short, that was a few months ago. Since then, he and his chief economist have been parading in news media forecasting the future distraction of USA. At the same time treasuries have been rallying. I believe even with QE3 treasuries will rally because this averts a future default. He probably missed this little detail.

    I am not sure about his short position, if it is still open. Does anyone know?
  3. QE3 will not happen. Perhaps they should watch a little C-SPAN.
  4. How do you figure ?
  5. Politically untenable.
  6. S&P down 20 points this hour...
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    The cat is out of the bag. More QE may be unable to counter the dismal economic statistics as macro fundamentals take hold. This tape is starting to look really ugly. We'll see.
  8. Wasn't Tarp#1, #2, Maiden Lane#1, #2 and #3, QE#1 and #2 politically untenable as well?
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