Pilots making $10/hr???? You gotta be kidding me

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  1. http://video.pbs.org/video/1412744270

    Unfucking believable

    How come someone making $10/hr given the responsibility of flying 300 people????

    This country is really turning into a shithole
  2. Wow, I always wanted to make as much as a pilot. I just filed for unemployment and I'm supposed to make $11.25 an hour off of it until I can locate a new job.
  3. My cousin has a job here thats part-time being a delivery driver...it pays 9.50 / 35hrs a week. Pilots have unions, why dont they do something?
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    Let me help you understand. As someone who at one time had a private pilot's license. Learning to fly is very expensive if you don't go to either one of the military academies or through ROTC. After one get's their private pilot's license, they need to start building hours. I don't know what the hourly rate is now for a single engine Cessna 152 but back when I did it, it was about $250 an hour for that aircraft.

    Now, no young pilot has the money to simply rent a plane by the hour to build up the necessary flight time, so the ideal path is to become a flight instructor. They don't make shit, usually not much more then minimum wage. But you're thrilled to get paid because you are basically letting someone else pay for your flight time. The student will pay the $250 an hour for you. Once you get about 500 hours, you go for your IFR. Once you get that you keep up the flight instruction, again earning minimum wage until you have maybe 1500 hours or so and then go for your multi-engine.

    Once you have this, you can now apply for a job working for a regional carrier flying multi-engine aircraft. Again, getting paid to build hours. The key here is not your wage, but the fact that someone else is paying for your flight time. Do you have any idea what it would cost the young pilot to pay for 2500 hours of flight time? A multi-engine plane will cost over $500 an hour plus fuel.

    So work for a small carrier making little to nothing, probably working another job on the side until you get up to about 5,000 hours. At that point you can apply to the airlines. Even then your salary will be small as co-pilot for a small 727 or DC-9. But again, the name of the game is building hours and seniority. Within about 5 years, you will be making close to 6 figures for working 3 to 4 days a week. In 15 years you will be making 150k to 200k a year.

    Obviously the ideal way to go is the military. You get the best training in the world and you can go straight to the airlines once you leave. But getting in is very hard.

    Think about it this way. Look at a doctor. They have to spend 4 years in undergraduate school, then spend 3 to 5 years in medical school then another year or two doing a residency. That's over 10 years!!! And what do they get paid??? Nothing!!! In fact they spend close to 200k to basically work 10 years with no pay. Why do they do that? To become a Doctor!

    It's no different with becoming a pilot. It's all about building flight time. And these young pilots will do anything to get those hours for as little out of pocket cost as possible. It's unfortunate that you don't understand this or the media for that matter. It's actually a pretty good life and whenever I talk to pilots, they tell me they could not see themselves doing anything else with their life.
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    I know of a few people looking for jobs and let me tell you the jobs out there paying anything between $15-$20 are nearly impossible to find, most jobs are paying $7-$12. Retail is probably the only industry doing the major hiring however the pay is nothing great to go by.
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    Umm, let me get this straight.

    You need so many hours to become an experienced pilot, but you're not required to be an experienced pilot to work as a flight instructor?
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    You got it. I wouldn't say you have zero experience though. You'll have over 100 hours or so when you start instructing. That's a lot of flight time for a small single engine plane. Flight instructors are kids man. Or the casual weekend flyer that wants to build some hours on the cheap. My instructor was 19 years old.
  8. How times change. I turned down $7.25 an hour loading trucks (union) back in the 70's.
  9. what industries are they looking for jobs in? Healthcare and government are doing well but that's about it I guess
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    +1 maverick

    I only know one pilot. He makes about 150K a year. More than 99.9% of ET
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