PIIGS countries should now band together to get more concessions from Germany.

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  1. SWEEP (South and Western European Economic Pact) would be comprised of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

    These countries should set aside their differences, and now act in unison to force concessions from Germany (and America).

    "If you owe the bank thousands, then the bank owns you. If you owe the bank millions, then you own the bank"
  2. What does the Basic Law of the Federal Republic says? How fast can Germany re-arm?

  3. SWEEP was mentioned for the first time anywhere in the world within the last hour.

    It's too late for Germany to try military intimidation. And the U.S., and her allies would never approve it.
  4. SWEEP = revenge of the nerds.
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    Germany hasn't played the terrorist card yet. I'd be a little afraid...
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  7. With average 25% unemployment, EU is already in a depression. Doesn't mean markets will crash, markets are not related to economy anymore. Its become a casino with patrons wanting more free money
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    Plenty of truth in that post.
    PIGS can fly, LUV airlines charges them more & hedges the price of fuel. LOL but true.

    However hogs get slaughtered still .
    Ask Lehman, ask Bear Stearns they owed the bank billions ; so millions of debt could still be a winner.:cool:
  9. These bond buys will take place at far cheaper levels to keep Germany happy. Market is way ahead of itself here
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