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  2. I'm amazed it took until 2013 for this to come to light. I've used nothing but lasers for the past 15 years because of that scam.

    There's another scam in lasers. It counts the pages and tells you you're out of ink, and locks the cartridge out, when it's still half full. Some have hacks but most don't. The manuf's stay one step ahead.

    It needs to get to the US Attorney's office. It's unfair and deceptive trade.
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    I bought my sister a laser printer because of the inkjet scam, but I didn't know some were unhackable or counted pages. Fortunately, her printer is a Brother and the low toner sensor is easy to fool with some black tape. I will remember to research hackable laser printers if my trusty HP LJ 5 ever dies. Thanks for the info.
  5. This is why the machinery itself is so cheap. The consumer base sees copy machine, scanner, printer, fax? and all for 79.99, sometimes even less. Until the Ink monster comes.
  6. yet another reason to reduce printing as much as possible and go digital...
  7. PDF redirect rocks