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  1. jokepie


    Human evolution will not be where we are today if - we had failed to share our experiences with each other. I am not sure if its an ego need or something else. Will share my experience, thoughts and trading with you all.

    I have set up an account to trade Forex with FXCM.
    Opening Bal - $950
    Current Bal - $974.88

    My cousin (21 yrs Old) who wants to learn trading will be joining me soon, so I am very excited as his fresh prospective n exp. may be of great use here.

    Anything goes here, except Ego trips.

  2. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers ET Sponsor

    Hi Guru,

    I look forwarded to reading your trading journal.

    Just one tiny suggestion, if you don't mind: It might help your readers, if you post your Equity instead of your Balance, since Equity takes into account your floating profits and losses, while Balance does not. I hardly ever look at my balance column and just focus on my equity.

    Good luck and good trading!

  3. vinc


    I can sense a breakthrough coming :)
  4. jokepie


    Sure thing Jason

  5. jokepie


  6. JP,

    I hope life is treating you well. I'm looking forward to following along !


  7. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers ET Sponsor

    Thank JP

    How about filling us in a bit on how you base your trading decisions?