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    The mentally deranged young muslims listen to the sick old men hidden away in caves in Afghanistan. Their messages of hate are like music to their ears.
    Perhaps a peace loving muslim leader in the West could hold forth and become the brains of the deranged and bring them peace internally. There would be a forum for peaceful views and high regard for anyone brave enough.
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  2. Recently I found some websites are explaining Islam faith in a positive and constructive approach that could be useful and helpful for many young Muslims, especially living in western countries.

    They might be the visionary ones who go to their native countries one day in the future for rebuilding and updating their faith theory - for long term peace on earth!

    Personally, I think that would be highly possible, not just probable! Simply human nature! :)
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  3. [​IMG]Due to decades of conflict and famine, many Somali women are living as the heads of their households as displaced people. These women are the most at risk of sexual violence.

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    Indeed, it makes little sense to take refugees in Europe en masse with all their psychological issues. If a country like Germany needs immigration, it looks more sensible to look for economic migrants from non war torn countries.
    Yet many of the terrorists in Europe over the last couple of years were arabs who grew up in overall peaceful Europe rather than new refugees.
    Besides as mentionned before, 9/11 hijackers came mostly from Saudi Arabia and UAE, they might have joined al Quaeda training camps but they weren't raised in war torn countries.
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  5. Interestingly, that even includes some youths growing up locally in western cities.

    Perhaps they should enjoy more electronic games or competitive sports, instead.
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    Maybe life is too competitive. In every competition there are the losers.
    If guns are readily available some fight back against society.
    Are The Amish armed and dangerous ? How many shootings occurred at last year there ?
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  9. Imagine if a train had gone over it. I assume that they check their tracks regularly during heatwaves?
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    I was delighted to see that the economic big boys meeting at Davos are contributing to the clean up of plastic pollution. Killing off the oceans' animals would be a catastrophy on a par with nuclear war.
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