Pictures (Then vs Now) - The Earth is Dying

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  2. Humpy


    With the present aggressive leadership of the world's nations I think it unlikely the human race will even get to 2100.
    They strut around like arrogant peacocks with no intention of making it a better or safer place.
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  4. Potentially a historic moment that just 2 guys, no matter how smart they are, could determine the fate of billion human lives!

    Historic indeed!

    Below shows is the impact/power of only one slap! Not nuclear bomb!

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  5. How did that get there? Plastic chunks on Arctic ice show how far pollution has spread
    Discovery by UK scientists prompts fear that melting ice will allow more plastic to be released into the central Arctic Ocean – with huge effects on wildlife
    Sunday 24 September 2017
    Plastic pollution on an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Photograph: Conor McDonnell

    ‘The blocks of polystyrene were just sitting on top of the ice,’ said Pen Hadow. Photograph: Conor Mcdonnell @conormcdphoto/Conor McDonnell
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    There is an urgent need to get rid of the people and their weapons who solely have the power to destroy this planet. Such power should be safely guarded or destroyed.
    Democracy and the will of the people just might accomplish this.
    I would like the world's leaders to help clean up the planet and other urgent tasks. Not strut about shouting insults !!
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    This is just so sad to see, can't imagine what another 30 years what earth would look like.
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    Of those 7 countries I think I am right in saying NOT one person from those countries has been convicted of terrorist offences. In fact the country of Saudi Arabia has so far supplied the most convicted terrorists including 9/11.
    But as we all should know Trump has business interests there and so they are not on the list.
    Dump is running the USA blatantly to fill his own pockets !!
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  10. I would think (already for some time) many of the previous extreme acts / cases related to Muslims background were also related to mental health issues caused by their old living environment - mainly wars, in their native countries before migrating to western countries.

    Really hard and hurtful for them inside.

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