Pictures (Then vs Now) - The Earth is Dying

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    Really I wonder at people's stupidity sometimes. How could the US elect such a man as Dump ?
    He denies climate change just to get some coal mining votes. If the heating becomes irreversible we are all dead.
    The greedy for money capitalists are trashing the planet's resources so people like Dump can score a few more dollars.
    Makes me angry !
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    1. When election depends too much on election money/finance, even 100% from local funds, that could result a lack of visionary leaders.

    2. Lack of voters education in general, which has never been promoted by politicians, purposely.

    The educators should have designed a curriculum to provide a set of knowledge to students.

    To be a qualified or quality voter, one needs to learn this body of knowledge during a voter registration process. Nowadays one's age would be the only legal requirement!

    Can we allow everybody once passing a certain age to be qualified driving any type of cars? Driving car impact the people around the roadways. Voting political party/policy/statesman impact all people in the whole nation.

    3. The body of knowledge for voters should be designed to include minimum set of things:

    - How to evaluate and balance short-term and long-term impacts/effects for a public policy

    - Public finance basics (Why tax is needed? How tax is used? What are the minimum national investments in yearly budget in order to plant a nation's long-term future? Is a balance budget always good?

    A short-term tax cut without long-term investments in such as infrastructures including education and medicare schemes, could place naturally a nation to suffer later in the future. Sometimes beyond recovery!

    A. There are should be measures for public policy as promised by political candidates, written on papers and signed jointly by the candidate and party of a proposed policy. Counter signed by a qualified public accountant/actuary.

    B. According to these signed policies, any future outcomes will be measured and derivations must be explained in written form.

    C. A KPI system for individual politicians should be derived based on these measures.

    D. That and their progress should be monitored periodically by general voters and associated/ representative groups.

    A. KPIs should be also developed for the whole nation collectively by various voters bodies and for individuals by self-appraisal. Voters are investors with their national resources investing in the governments (politicians being executives), just like investors in company stocks.

    B. Naturally the national KPI for a democratic country should be higher than a non-democratic country. Some for personal KPI in public policy.

    C. However, the national KPI for voters in a developed country with minimum or zero voters education could be likely lower than that in a developing country which provides better/quality voters education.

    6. Otherwise, a lot of resources and golden years/opportunities would be wasted in something like warfare or destroying environment/nature. Sad future for humans!

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  4. [​IMG]El Ninos are marked by abnormally warm temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific that has global impacts. Photo: NASA
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  5. Truly sad to see.
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    The greed and stupidity of some people is beyond belief.
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  8. I found the methane eruptions in the permafrost especially disconcerting. If it happens near a place where people live (the result of it happening under such a place would be obvious and horrific) can the amount of released methane cause suffocation? :( It looks like there would be enough of it for that to be another danger of said eruptions.
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    Combination of satellite images show size comparison of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Irma on September 7, 2017.
    An image from the satellite GOES-16, taken last week

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    and a few centuries ago people grew grapes and made wine in what is now Great Britain. I'm just not feeling any huge sense of loss or remorse about the temperature going up recently when it was higher a few hundred years ago.. These destructive scumbags that want us to just give up our belief systems will come at us from any angle they can think of and thinking is not their long suit at all, they just follow the U.N.'s direction
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