Pictures of your trading stations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by seasideheights, Jan 8, 2005.

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    neither have i.

    i had to sell my pets in order to meet that margin call. :eek: :eek:
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  2. Beautiful setup. It is evident from the picture that your monitors are precious. They are the only thing that gets flexible hose to contain the cables. Send me your address, I will drop off some tie-wire and hanging cable racks for you to use. I have a bunch lying around.

    You have a beautiful built-in bookcase. That is a great asset.

    Do you usually trade with your shades open? I always trade in the dark; probably not a very healthy thing.

    Nice job although the desk you buy next ought to be deep and have a ledge on the back where a cable rack can be mounted. I'm fanatical about keeping cables and machines off the floor.
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    haha, the recruiter at work. Maybe he can come to your new office and you can stroke each other there too.

    Mr. Zen
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  4. What's your problem?
    Please keep negative garbage to yourself.
    I want to see people post their setups without being insulted by the likes of you.

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    wah, wah, wah. Cwy me a wiver, loud mouth.

    Mr. Zen
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  6. Sorry, I don't recruit. Thank you for commenting.
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    welcome back coinz
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    nope - i think its better for the eyes if you are staring at the tubes all day in a dim room (unless you cant see the number pad of course and hit the wrong price:eek:)

    they say that monitors shouldn't be placed by windows as we see in the picture because its bad for the eyes.
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  9. Waaaaay too neat. Hobbyist.

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  10. TGM


    Is that really Coinz? I wondered what happened to that

    Whoever it is ---he is making a bad attempt to sound like an Asian.
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