Pictures of Trades

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  1. Feel free for sharing the moves you trade or you want to...

    Would be nice to have a huge collection of all kind of different trades.

    Thank you

    :) :) :)
  2. Gold - short
  3. EURUSD - Short
  4. USDCHF - Short
  5. GBPUSD - 15min - Long
  6. S&P 500 - Long
  7. Why not do it real-time?
  8. Nope. I am not stupid.

    My secrets keep secrets.

    Show me some good moves, you would have traded or had...


    :p :p :p

    Wheat - Daily
  9. Bob111


    pictures of the charts are good,but screen shots of the statements would be better

  10. Nope. Dont care how much money people made.

    Only want to see the moves in the charts.

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