Pictures of the Great Depression

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  3. Good photo's mav.

    The current depression photos will show Shoppers at Walmart as the Bread Line.

    It will show Tenet cities in many Urban areas.

    It will show the Unions protesting in Wisconsin and California.

    It will show the Socialist Marches in California.

    During the current Depression, we have had yet to have a "DUST BOWL". But we are getting closer to a Food Crises due to weather (Mississippi flooding) et.

    We will have a 3rd front on the current on going War table. Looks like the US is setting up Pakistan to be the 3rd front, so we could have a world war like the First Depression did.

    This depression isn't our great grandparents one.....if your unemployed during this one, you will not find windows to wash, ditches to dig, your not going to find much work at all, not even fast food.
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    The pictures are great for showing part of the story.Those were rural people for the most part. The people on the cities and towns of the more urban east away from the dust bowl experienced greater devastation than those closer to the land.
    Things never change. Only a government organization could afford to take color rather than black and white pictures.Color photos were rare among the general population.
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    Every school kid in America should be required to see these pictures.
    It really wasn't THAT long ago. Not just here but the whole world has changed greatly since"as Archie put it "The big one". Change is accelerating and I'm not sure that civilization as we know it can keep up.
    We all live in the now, but what appears to be coming down the pike ain't going to be pretty. It won't bother me much at 85 but I wouldn't trade places with my great grand child for as we used to say "all the tea in china".
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    Regarding the above post. Obviously I'm a pessimist. That said I willl seldom be disappointed.
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    Great pics!

    The Freeman did not starve because he owned his land outright.

    Property taxes have enslaved us forever.

    Fuck the state.

  9. Thanks for the link.

    Looks like the great depression was not that bad.
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    Hey free look at the dates.
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