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  1. [​IMG]

    Drawn some time ago
  2. Nice tradable huge bounce off the Stock777 Level (c 2009)

    Perfect. Zoom in. Perfect.

    When you grow up, you'll learn how to trade with the best.

    Realtime calls, not that 10 hour later bs .

    Haven't made a real time call in months. Quality, not quantity.
  3. For posterity, that was a 20 ++ point straight up ES rally off my post, and even more off the actual level.

    Oh yeah, I make one other call.

    Not one of you took the trade with me.
  4. wow, even better than expected. 30 ES points in less than two hours and still counting

    my many long time fans will remember I've called many a pivot, but this one was almost too good.

    glad you had it.
  5. [​IMG]

    So you can amaze your girlfriends.
  6. lol, not one comment from any of the idiots that saw this miracle.

    2 busy trying to renegotiate that mortgage they can't afford
  7. OK, so what's next, genius?
  8. x2012


    hard to take someone seriously when they use fib levels in their trading.
  9. what's next? you will continue to lose money, what else.

    as for fibs, who said I used fibs? The support line I revealed to you has nothing to do with fibs. The fibs drawn there have nothing to do with my call, or any other work I do.

    clearly , your powers of observation are sub par , which clearly explains your poor trading record.

    That lower support line held in a surgical manner, almost magical, since the support was drawn weeks ago.

    the fact remains that I posted this Perfect Picture at the very apex of a momentous rally. Realtime. No amount of bashing can change that fact. I am not Jack H.

    I've done this before. I'll do it again. But many of you will be tapped out by then.

  10. Posting your pretty chart at 1pm today constitutes "some time ago"? ROTFLMAO

    Analysts love to show how one of their calls was right after the fact, and just let all their wrong calls (which are the majority) drift away in oblivion.

    Really pathetic analysts post a chart, wait for it to be right, then post multiple times in their own thread trying to keep their thread at the top of the list of current threads, hoping someone will pay attention to them (of course after the fact).

    Real traders have no need to try and massage their ego by looking for praise in an internet forum. Real traders get all the ego boost they need from their account balance every day.

    'nuff said!!
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