Picture of the king himself

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  1. A official picture of Steven Cohen.. who as some know is very secretive and even has copyrights to his own photos.. but now there is a official picture release.. the only picture of him you might ever see..

    btw the buyer of the $139m Picasso, Billionaire Steve Wynn was selling, before he damaged it - was the one and only Steven Cohen..
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    Looks a bit like Dr. Evil

  3. lol
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    look at that 3% of the NYSE volume. Thats insane.
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    "The bespectacled, balding billionaire, about 5 ft. 8 in., looks like a slightly more hip version of George Costanza"

  7. I dunno..in the article you posted it says:

    "He hands over about $150 million a year in commissions to Wall Street, making him one of its 10-largest customers.The payments grease the superpowerful information machine that Cohen has built at SAC. The firm's credo, says a former SAC trader, is to "try to get the information before anyone else." The torrent of commissions wins Cohen the clout that often makes him privy to trading and analyst information ahead of rivals. Says one analyst: "I call Stevie personally when I have any insight or news tidbit on a company. I know he'll put the info to use and actually trade off it." Cohen expects to get the first call when an analyst upgrades or downgrades a stock, and if he doesn't, offenders have been known to get a tongue-lashing from SAC traders. Brokers lavish plenty of other privileges on him. For instance, SAC was a big beneficiary of allocations of red-hot initial public offering shares during the Internet boom, according to several former SAC traders."


    So is he really that good a trader or does his $150 million a year he pays to Wall Street in commissions each year enable him to get information before anyone else?

    It reads to me like some big company say like Enron giving huge Cash donations to the political party in office and in return for their <strike>bribe money</strike> donation getting all kinds of secretive White House energy info......

    I dunno.
    All I know is he will never be called "Handsome" like me

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    Good point. Not about you being more handsome than him....I mean about the whole brokers must love him thing. :D

  9. It must be nice to be able to front run the whole street. The activity not only pays for outrageous commissions paid to the informants but also for outrageous prices to pay for mottled paint on a canvas.

  10. good point. this is something I always think of but I got more doubts on Jim Simmons. SAC is ligit for me. I'm a big fan of him. They have in the past front run on some information, but I would never doubt his trading skills. Jim on the other hand makes ridiclous amount of money, and guess wot, he sits on the board of some companies too. but who knows.. I guess we'll never know..

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