picture of a trader workstation on a tiolet.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bigscalper, Aug 23, 2002.

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    This picture use to be on daytradingstocks.com

    Does anyone have it, please post it if you have it.

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    As I don't see him sitting there anymore.....
  4. Steve72


    He apparently is on the move again.
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    Thanks guys! LOL
  6. Rigel


    Don't forget.
    You can be seated and on the move at the same time.
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    What happens if he has to wipe himself and he is in a huge trade and it goes against him at that very moment? Does he do it with his left hand? What happens if he doesn't aim it so well because he is right handed and his right hand is on the mouse?

  9. I always knew this is a nasty business where you really have to deal with a lot of bad moments.

    Maybe this guy has a custom made indicator which allows him to assess when it is relatively sure to wipe his ass. Or he has something like a nurse standing by to assist him

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