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    The Left has kept Black people in the USA from working in the private sector for decades now. Employers know that if they hire a Black worker Jessie Jackemup will come in later and take them down for millions so nobody in their right minds with any White employees will hire a Black worker. The Left tells the Blacks that they aren't prospering because of racism. That keeps the Black voters in the Left's back pocket which is all the Left wants, they don't care about Black workers, they care about political power... Blacks with college degrees can get jobs in the public sector and 70% of the small percentage with degrees do just that, further proof that they can't get work in the private sector.

    One result is the formation of reservations for Blacks. We call it "inner city" but in reality it's a low-cost housing area that people on welfare can afford... blacks can't afford much on welfare and most can't get a job in the private sector so they are essentially herded into low-cost housing areas which become essentially the same as Indian reservations.

    One evidence of a culture in collapse is that it is run by women and children and men are sidelined. The Left has set things up so the money being doled out goes to women with kids. Men without jobs are sidelined. Teenage gangs run the neighborhoods and have for decades. So the Left has set things up so that the Black culture in the US is in a state of constant collapse, and they tell the Blacks that it's because of racism and the Blacks keep on voting for the same system because they believe the lies...

    People that don't work have lots of time to play around so they create babies that they don't want. Most abortions in the US are on the Inner City Reservations. The Left will fight like mad to keep abortion legal because if they did not, Whitey would catch on that Black population growth was enough to completely overrun them!!

    So basically, that is how ruthless the Left is in their acquisition of power and how weak they are in the face of evil. They will encourage people to live in lousy crime-ridden conditions with no real hope of anything changing for the better, in a collapsed societal state, with teenagers murdering each other continually and making life miserable for everybody, and assist them to murder their offspring.. just to keep the votes..

    Don't vote Democrat, ever... they are intellectually and morally bankrupt.
  2. "The Left has kept Black people in the USA from working in the private sector for decades now."

    Sure...the right was dying to hire blacks, begging blacks to come work for their companies...but the left prevented that from happening...

    I can't think of an insult that is sufficient to describe how demented people like you actually are...

  3. Agreed that the "left" is a disease.

    That being said, blacks can solve their own problems by taking a few steps-

    1) Stop making babies like rabbits.

    2) For black men- If you have a kid, STAY THE FUCK AROUND AND RAISE IT. Stop being a lowlife nigger and take responsibility for YOUR FAMILY.

    3) Stop idolizing hip-hop and NBA players. The chances of you becoming one is almost zilch. And don't listen to your "black leaders". They are fucking you over and making themselves rich.

    4) Working at McDonald's or similar "non glamorous" jobs isn't beneath you. Get the fuck off your ass and work. Stop expecting the governemnt to keep giving you money for doing nothing. Also, when you get a paycheck, stop spending all yourmoney on jewelry, rims, cars, cell phones, t.v.'s and other worthless shit.

    5) Learn proper English. Speaking and dressing like a hoodrat will not get you out of the hood. You're not an "Uncle Tom" for looking and acting intelligently.

    Finally, and most importantly-

    THE WHITE MAN DOESN'T OWE YOU SHIT!!!! Slavery ended 250 years ago. Stop using it as an excuse for generations of laziness and corrupt family values.
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    This thread's a major value hit to ET.
  5. So are your 2700 posts.

    P&R is a dumping ground for you, that sick closet homo ZZZzzzzzz, and a handful of other trolls who aren't even traders.
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    I'd probably be little different if I grew up in that collapsed culture they are stuck in.. they really need to start a movement to get private sector jobs. They could include a legal, signed, document with their applications for work signing away their rights to sue in the case of racial discrimination. They would start work with exactly the same rights as everybody else and if they get some discrimination, and they might, well they will have to work it out through the personnel department same as any on-the-job problem.
  7. "They could include a legal, signed, document with their applications for work signing away their rights to sue in the case of racial discrimination."

    Let me guess...you dream job is slave master, right?

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    All true of course. (except maybe slavery ended about 145 years ago)

    Here is part of the problem.