*Picture*Can anyone explain to me this form? Stock Certificate? ZQ?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Abraham, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Abraham



    Does ZQ have anything to do with quantity? Would this mean that I have 1537 shares of VLO? I can't really decipher the terminology or what not, but at the end of 1992, VLO closed at $1.32 so I can at least see where that is coming from.

    Also, what does "UNIF GIFT MIN ACT" mean? I have seen it used before.

    I am a complete newbie, so any help would be great.
  2. zdreg


    you could be a rich young man if the quantity turns out to be correct.
    there were two stock splits after you received your shares. 1500 shares would have become 12000 shares at today's prices that would be over $800,000.

    on the original stock certificate there is a box that says quantity with the number of shares.

    lots of luck.
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  4. zdreg


    correction. the box says shares with the number of shares.
  5. Arnie


    It means "Uniform Gift to Minors Act". Someone gifted these shares to you when you were a minor.
  6. (I'm guessing).

    Possibly: zq="zero quantitiy"

    I can find out for sure with a phone call if no one else can verify for you.

  7. Abraham


    Well, I won't know for sure. It will take 60-90 days to process. I called up Valero and I am indeed the owner of the stock certificate but they would not let me know any other information such as quantity or wha tnot. That was odd. :confused:

    I also called the state of Texas who is processing my claim of the certificate. They told the state may have already sold the stocks and will just pay me in money sense it has been over 14 years. That had me in tears almost. I guess we will see in a couple months. I will be sure to update one for those who might have also been curious.