Pickled Eggs-you know you lov-em

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  1. I've done pickled eggs before, and as great as they were, I cant help but think, there is more out there.

    Previously, I did the usual perfect boil, peeled, with hot vinegar,

    Some full garlic cloves, paprika powder, curry powder, whatever else, and worked great.

    But, there is the ever present threat of rubbery texture,
    One's I did before, started falling to bits after three weeks, even in the fridge, and a bit of rubberryiness their.

    I have an excess off chillies, so I'm thinking , pickled chilli eggs.
  2. Oh, come on people.

    Everybody loves pickled eggs.
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    pickled sausages, that's where it's at. Eat a Tijuana Mama!
  4. Pickled eggs are incredible. Try putting some hot peppers in there with em...you will not be dissappointed.
  5. I love pickled eggs.

    But I stopped eating them.

    When I discovered

    Eggs full of saturated fat and cholesterol.

    They will kill you, eventually.

    Give the egg the boot.

    Far tastier substitutes than the pickled egg that are also far far healthier for you.

  6. Thats what I was thinking-I've used cardamon seeds before, but-well, why not go chilli, for "proper" heat. Cardamon just doesn't complement them somehow.
    I got dill&fennel seeds, and a truckload of rosemary.
  7. Yeah, we get a lot of homemade pickled egg of dubious quality here.

    Don't eat pickled eggs at bars. It ruins lives. Trust me.
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    how about Preserved_Duck_Egg

  9. I love deviled eggs, pickeled eggs I'm not too familiar with but now I'm curious.
  10. I think it's every young boy's dream to create the perfect pickled egg... then reality sets in and the workaday world comes calling.

    My secret formula hint involves rapid pickling. Unlike wine, aging doesn't improve the taste.
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