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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dominick, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. dominick


    I am a beginner and I want to know which software is helpful to me. someone recommended wizetrade but I have been reading alot of negative feedback on this product. could you recommended something that works like wizetrade.

    thank you
  2. Turok


    "Software" is too broad a term for that question to be answered with any value. There is trading platform software, trading automation software, charting software, analyitical and backtesting software, etc. (though I do think it's safe to say that Wizetrade is pretty much the laughing stock of this forum no matter what catagory you choose to put it in).

    If you are looking for a software program that will tell you profitably when to trade, it isn't for sale. If it was we'd all buy it and we'd all be rich. Don't fall for the Wizetrade style marketing BS...think about why companies like that are trying to sell it rather than turning it on and walking away wealthy.

    If I have misunderstood your question, I apologize.

  3. traderob


    I looked at kwikpop recently. I decided it not to go with it but they offer a thorough training program that is ongoing, really good for a beginner
  4. The newly released WizeCoin package should take care of you.

    For a mere $2,000 you get software that uses the most advanced proprietary random number generator known to man to help you evaluate thousands of stocks in seconds.

    It then displays simple to use "red if heads" and "green if tails" screens to help you flush your life savings down the toilet in record time.

    Attend a WizeCoin seminar and get a "good for this moment only" discount to only $1900.

    A 30-day money back guarantee costs only an additional $1000.

    No serious(ly stupid) trader should pass up a deal like this. :)
  5. BSAM


    :D :D :D :D :D

    Doesn't WizeCoin also run a brokerage service? Seems like I heard a mere 10 cents per share deal or something like that. Of course, that low, low rate was supposed to only be available to those who purchase the software!!:D :D
  6. gnome


    My buddy's son bought the software... THEN the dad called and asked me to "talk" to his kid about it. (He'd looked at it before and declined, but NOW they have a "new version" which is supposed to be LOTS better. And yes, he DID get "the deal"... only $2500.)
  7. WizeTrade is a trading system with RED and GREEN buttons. Very simple and I have not been able to verify the profitability in backtesting. If you wish to create you own systems you might take a look at WLD3 (Wealth-Lab Developer 3.0). Programming is easy throu Drag and Drop.
  8. Turok


    >Programming is easy throu Drag and Drop.

    I love Wealth-Lab Developer. I use it every day. I would suggest however that you don't expect to create your own winning systems through "Drag and Drop". There is NOTHING EASY about developing tradable, winning systems. Any software company that tells you different is sending you down a very expensive path.