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Discussion in 'Forex' started by Detonator, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have been trading forex at Oanda for a while now, and I know they (like all other dealers) are MARKET MAKERS who quote you prices after the trades are made in the real forex markets.

    Because of this I don't use their charts for analysis as they are sometimes missing pips and don't show all the story to a price move, I'm have switched to using NETDANIA for chart work.

    As I've been explained - picking involves catching a SLOW dealer update their quotes after a quick move seen on the other FEEDS.

    Now can someone please elaborate if this is all there is to it ?
    And are there any other FEEDS such as NETDANIA ?

    Also where does NETDANIA get their feed from ?
  2. Bump, Anyone know?
  3. Det, not sure what you're asking.

    about forex pricing feeds?


  4. NETDANIA.com gives you what seem to be REAL quotes
    and not what the BUCKETSHOPS are requoting.

    My question is where do get thier FEED and are there any other websites such as NETDANIA with quotes that are NOT re-quotes such as the FREE dealer quotes ?
  5. sure there are.

    any mtherfckin broker EVER give me a "requote" - I'd close my account in a heartbeat.

    my current fx broker treats me like gold and has never given me a single "requote" in 2 years.

    I can nail a trade on the PIP in a 2-second 50-point spike with a single click.


  6. Curious as to what this current broker is?
    Oanda and CMS are the only two I like, FXCM's platform I dispise. Haven't checked any others out yet.
  7. Holmes


    Yes I have such a nice broker. He often requots: when I out in a market order I get often filled 2 or more pips better than I would have expected.

    There is nothing to it: find a slow broker (bucket shop) and a fast broker and then just buy on the one and sell on the other. Just shove it through like a shop! Very easy!

    :p :p :p