Pickens' son nailed...

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    Nice. I was wondering who was faxing all that crap.
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  3. :D

    Funny...nicely done my friend....
  4. his father must be heartbroken. if you live long enough to have kids and can persuade a women to sleep with you, you might understand that sometime.


    seperately, i mocked pickens when he said crude would see sixty before forty -- this was late last summer....I figured he was talking up his position...(may have been, and it was a nice short for a few points) -- but, irony of ironies, he was right.
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    "I have been trying to get you for 2 hours," said the handwritten letter to a "Dr. Mitchel," which was addressed from "Chris." "I have a stock for you that will tripple [sic] in price just like the last stock I gave you 'SIRI' did. I can't get you on either phone. Either call me, or call Linda to place the new trade. We need to buy 'AVLL' now."

    ...probably not a good idea to buy from a tout who can't spell the word "triple"