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  1. It's that time in the market to put eggs in baskets the next move will be sharp and focused. BUY Force Protection for this next move I believe.> Benefiting from nearly four years of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The highlight of Force Protection's rise from obscurity came late last year when the company was awarded a $214 million from the Marine Corps Systems Command for approximately 280 mine-protected clearance vehicles. Moving along in time, Force Protection reported fourth quarter and fiscal year results in March that included some impressive numbers. For the year ended 2006, the company's net sales totaled $196.0 million. Net income was $18.2 million or $0.39 per diluted share. In the fourth quarter alone, the company's net sales totaled $62.9 million, with net income of $17.0 million or $0.32 per diluted share during the fourth quarter of 2006. To ensure continued growth, the company recently announced it would increase its production level to more than 400 vehicles per month by the end of 2007, compared to the 50 vehicles per month that were being produced at the end of 2006. Force Protection also has invested in a building to keep up with its research and laboratory testing of its armored vehicle technology. Although Force Protection shares have already seen a dramatic increase in price, the company could likely get a major boost ahead of its presentation at the SunTrust Robinson Humphrey 36th Annual Institutional Conference on April 10. Being a recent addition to the NASDAQ Capital Market, the company is likely still trying to attract larger institutions and further analyst coverage. If the presentation is positive, it would especially not be surprising to see an update from analysts at Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey who initiated Force Protection shares with a "buy" rating earlier this year, or others who could initiate coverage and spur additional demand for the stock.

    Thank You ant&sons for the help here on the specs stoney had already moved into this name last week and it's a big enough cap stock to sneak into a contest if you are involved in one! Peace.
  2. Our FIRST EGG FRPT shall begin it's elevation today

    FRPT +50c in pre market & back over $20!

    And now we look for our second egg. The idea folks is to now roll into some names that REALLY look good that are higher priced than some of the spec nonsense we have fallen into.

    ANAD > This stock is cheap in my book. Buying to hold through earnings ANAD is our SECOND EGG.

    REMEMBER THIS IS A 700 CLUB EVENT* BUY 700 shares of each EGG despite price!

    EDA > Endeavor is a stk some of you already own with me it's going a lot higher EDA will be our 3rd EGG!

    ....9 more Eggs to come stay tuned.... ~ stoney
  3. Guys release this egg today for a $5 plus gain!

    FRPT is up around $24 in the pre.

    Love Stoney!

    Let's Look For Our Third Egg Today!!!!!
  4. Guys I have egg on my face. I sold at $24 and the stock continues to gap up. I'm telling you the following under the strictest of disclaimers.... I know nothing. I fear the worst. i just bought 500 way up here because i have heard a rumor of an absolutely HUGE contract by the Army. Now obviously this will be a smaller award than I think and the sell the news will punish me bad. I will be hurt and disgraced by this greedy move. The contract could be a billion dollars. I know that sounds crazy and pie in the sky and most likely a competitor will get it but there I said it. The egg is out of the bag, and back on the burner. Will the stonedinvestor get fried?