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Discussion in 'Trading' started by roumeo, May 29, 2002.

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    Hi, all

    I asked so many stupid questions here, I just felt very ashamed. Maybe I have to change a name. :)

    I am a newbie. So there are a lot of questions I have. I am doing research on the stock market, study books from Tony Oz, and get into to stock market and do some practice. Yeah! There are a lot of problems I met that cannot be solved by just reading the book..

    For example, how to pick up the stock? Tony Oz's scan is pretty cool, I know. But besides that, how can you guys pick up a stock you never traded before from so many listed stocks? I always pay attention to those stocks who break out the 52 weeks high by reading the NYSE score board from WSJ. I just want to know how gurus make selection from so many stocks which he never trade them before?

    Thank you so much. If you guys feel that this question is stupid, just leave it alone.

  2. i think alot of traders would say, get to know a stock. I've seen Don Bright say something like,' don't even look at a filter for several months while you get to know some stocks.' Just a handful. Get to know how they trade.

    I sat next to one of the best, I mean the best, OTC traders in the country. He worked less than half a dozen usually. His partner said getting stuff off the alerts was a waste of time. Now, they didn't have the sophisticated filters that are popular now, but the point was, get to know the stock. Have YOUR stocks. Before long, you'll know when it's time to buy and sell.