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    Hi guys - let me preface by saying I'm an old hand on ET. Used my original handle over 2002-2008 or so, but asked Baron to lock it because I was spending too much time here and needed a break as I returned to the workforce. New account today because I have a question:

    What do we know about jobs trading physical grains - rice, corn, beans? I'm interviewing for a physical trading role centered on grains ... they call it merchandising and sounds like they are pushing to expand markets/volume. They are a mid-sized global (private) firm, HQ in US farm area, presence in Europe but quite thin in Asia. What is compensation like for roles like this? Anyone know someone who can fill me in on the business based on firsthand experience?

    Thanks all ...
  2. yes, I have traded both cash (merchandising) and futures (spread management) for a mid size grain company in the past. PM me any specific questions, I'd be happy to share.
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